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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Beauty School! is coming and I am so excited.

Pat Wynn Brown, humorist writer, performer, and founder of Hair Theater, tells stories that always makes me laugh so hard I double over with tears streaming from my eyes. It's not worth fighting against, and it's my favorite way to laugh. Growing up with three older sisters, I always loved being let in on every beauty tip and secret. My earliest memories were (pretending I wasn’t) watching soap operas with them and my mom; carefully studying the rituals involved with preparing for a night out; and when I grew up a bit, devouring any old, forgotten issue of Cosmo I could get my hands
on. My poor mother.

Even now, the amount of time and energy I spend maintaining any sense of "beauty" seems to border on ridiculous, yet I have to admit, the more I scrutinize my own vanity the harder I have to laugh about it. Which truly can only make things worse. But I look at these newly forming wrinkles & crinkles and appreciate the lifetime of laughter that has put them there. I love being a girl, and Pat’s lessons about what makes one beautiful is inspiring, and a great way to demonstrate Thrive Theory’s Key Principle #6: Beauty is more than skin deep... It’s a reflection of the love that was received. And also Key Principle #1: When Women are Happy, Everyone is Happier... and Key Principle #2: Surround Yourself with Those who Bring you Joy. And this year, also particularly Key Principle #7: Family is Everything, especially Sisters, Moms & Daughters, and Girlfriends!

That's why Thrive Theory is always delighted to participate in her shows. She honors her “Honor Society” representatives and her Beauty School “Valedictorian” with Thrive Theory pins and jewelry, and it's one of our favorite, most fun ways to share it. And this May 6, with
a great sponsor like the Mt. Carmel Foundation, it will be one of her most memorable shows yet. Her shows always sell out, so grab someone you love to laugh with and don't miss it!

For show details and tickets, click here.


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