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Outstanding Women

A few years ago, I wasn't aware
of many people talking about the importance of Women & Girls in
the world. After I read Kristof
and WuDunn's book Half the Sky,
I felt very far from the stories
they shared about the oppression of women in developing or underdeveloped countries. However I knew there were women
and girls here in Columbus, Ohio and across the country who have countless opportunities at their fingertips, yet who hold themselves back from creating the change they want to see in the world. We don't have to look far to see those who are afraid to let themselves change, learn and grow.

I thought about my mother, who graduated from high school
seriously believing her two options in life were to get married and have children or become a nun. And I thought about my kids, and
all the hopes I held for them. What could happen in the world to cause my daughter's opportunities to shrink to what they would have been 50 years ago, or 100 years ago? It didn't seem so hard to imagine. So I asked myself what could I do as a graphic designer
to help prevent this. My professional career to that point had taught
me many things, but nothing I thought had so much relevance for
my own kids. How could I grow to amplify my tiny impact in the world?

I developed Thrive Theory to demonstrate a positive example for
my kids. To show them that if they believe in something, they can make anything happen. How does anyone truly Thrive? It may take
a lifetime to discover, but no one can do it alone.

Since 2008, Sunny 95 has been recognizing women who don't let anything hold them back from helping others along this path, wherever they may be. This year they have included me in their
20 Outstanding Women You Should Know. To get to stand alongside women who have been recognized for what I value so deeply, I am touched and honored. And I am grateful that there are others who
see the value of celebrating the strengths of others, in both times of success and challenge. We are all connected, and we are the company we keep. Let's not forget to take care of ourselves so we can spread more L-O-V-E in the world...

And Happy Valentine's!

Click here to read Sunny 95's feature article.



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