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With Thanksgiving just a week away, we're very thankful for all the great support we've had since we launched at the beginning of 2010. This year has forced us to question what we truly want to provide for our amazing customers.

The answer has always been simple:

To help women & girls deeply connect with each other in love & support, while sharing this explicit intention:

When women feel empowered, there is more Peace, Health & Prosperity in the world.

To me, these ideals are critical in trying to build a more sustainable world. Just as Carl Jung argued, If there are problems in the world, they rise from problems within the individual... we define our time.

As a designer, I must satisfy my need to create products that promote my own values in the world, and I don't see them reflected often enough. This is the message I want us to rally around and share, to lift each other up one by one, so that we not only live fuller lives as women, not only do our daughters fulfill their potentials more often, but that all those ripples of love & support will envelope the entire world in more Peace, Health & Prosperity. This is, afterall, what all the data proves happens when women are empowered!

So a portion of all jewelry sales will continue to go to groups that encourage growth for women & girls through our Thrive Theory Foundation. For 2012, I'm designing-with-integrity many new & beautiful products that will make it even easier to share this message with the women & girls in your life. For now, my gift of thanks to you this holiday season is to keep our sterling silver jewelry collection, which is all hand-crafted in the USA, based on 2010 sterling silver costs, not the 2011 costs that have nearly TRIPLED over the past year!

This means that there are only a few items available in these jewelry styles, so once they're gone, they're gone!

Enjoy the new Paypal and shipping features on our site, and everything this holiday season brings!

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