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Happy New Year!

We're rolling into 2011 and I hope it holds many wonderful discoveries for all of us. Thrive Theory has lots of exciting plans
for the coming year, including introducing new pieces each season. 2010 was the year to launch Thrive Theory and see if it all these random thoughts could come together and make any sense! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that what seemed like a far-out theory when conceived in 2009 doesn't seem the least bit out of place heading into 2011. The TEDx Women conference last month confirmed that the tables are turning, women make over 50% of the workforce today, and we are ready to lead the way in increasing strides. This is a good thing, there are just too many indicators in the world reinforcing Thrive Theory's Key Principle #1: When Women are Happy, Everyone's Happier! And truly our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces and friends need our support in making the most of these new and potentially overwhelming opportunities. 

The test for 2011 will be to evolve Thrive Theory from a promising new concept to a sustainable business. For me the initial startup 
was an exciting challenge, though not something I could do alone. Again, many thanks to everyone who helped us get Thrive Theory
off the ground in the past year. It will take more collaboration
and partnerships in the coming year to get it to the next level, so
we welcome you to share what you like about Thrive Theory and what you'd like to see, as well as who you'd like to see receive a Thrive Theory Award, and why. There are so many more people who are Encouraging Growth for Women & Girls and Sustaining Vitality for themselves whom we can't wait to share, we've only scratched the surface. We'd love to hear about who helps you Thrive too!

None of this would have been possible without the love & support I feel in my own life, and I hope everyone can become more aware of the love & support they need and receive in their life as well. The future is what we make it, and this recognition is truly an important place to start.

To much love & support in 2011!

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