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Honoring Beckie Boger of Divine Equines

The Thrive Theory Awards honor those who are encouraging growth and/or sustaining vitality for women & girls. Our latest recipient has a very unique perspective to share from her work helping women & girls overcome trauma and tragedy. Beckie Boger, President of Divine Equines, provides Equine Assisted Human Development to those dealing with a wide range of challenges. She describes the attraction to and connection many women and girls have with horses as "the stuff of the mythical heroes' journey inward to the authentic self, resplendent with dreams of flying and escape and the freedom of rising above to find ourselves... to be come more fully human, more powerfully feminine."

How does this notion of a woman's deep psychological, or even spiritual, connection to a horse help them overcome trauma? More frequently these days, she says her clients are overcoming experiences of sex trafficking or combat military service. With the modern interest to promote equality in every level of government, the goal has been to allow more women to serve in the armed forces, including engaging in combat. Rarely does anyone talk of the unique toll this takes on women, though its toll on men has been well documented. And those words, "sex trafficking," regarding women who live in Central Ohio, women in my community who have survived this reality and also need tremendous healing. How difficult it must be for those in either of these situations to return to a "normal" life and tend to the needs of others, even in their own family. This is what Beckie says about connecting with a 1,000 pound animal, who is highly intuitive and sensitive, to teach these women how to thrive in their lives with purpose and worth:

The clients who find their way to the experiential counseling services we offer at Divine Equines arrive at our barn emotionally exhausted and unable to express and process their true feelings in a healthy, productive way. They are depressed, anxious and often angry at the world. Due to their traumatic life experiences they are suffering from loss in one form or another: loss of self-worth and respect, loss of loved ones or important relationships, or loss of their dreams for a happy life. By partnering and building a relationship with a horse during their eight-to-twelve weeks of emotional growth and healing sessions, they learn how to have confidence in themselves and begin to trust their world again.

It's important to note that not every client is involved with her horses at such a deep level. Some come for team or leadership building, while others use the opportunity to grow their self-awareness without overcoming deep levels of trauma. But especially for her ongoing work to help women and girls overcome the loss of her personal power by creating such a fantastic bond with a magnificent horse, we honor Beckie Boger and wish her continued success. She is a true model of our shared ideals at Thrive Theory! Thank you Beckie.

You can learn more about Beckie's incredible work at www.dequines.com.

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I really enjoyed reading about Beckie and her work with horses, women, and children here in Central Ohio. I've always thought horses were amazing spiritual animals and try to get out riding at least once or twice a year. I'm glad to know we have this organization here in the area working with horses to strengthen and empower these women and girls.


November 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterConnie Hieatt

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