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About Jenn

When women feel empowered, there
is more Peace, Health & Prosperity in
the world. This I learned from my mom,
who passed away when I was a teenager.
Thanks to my wonderful family, but
especially my three amazing sisters,
I never lost the support I needed
to discover and share my passions in
life. Though we're all very different,
I appreciate the importance of
nurturing relationships, particularly
among women—despite different
continents, religions, career & family
paths or political views.

The Thrive Theory Symbol was inspired
by this experience. Based on the
scientific symbol for female, it's
surrounded by thesupport of others,
with love at the center. 
It creates a
blossom which, like each of us,
possesses the power to GROW. It
reflects the beauty we have each
received from the love surrounding us

Thrive Theory is about discovering what
it takes to grow strong with vitality, and
living it everyday! My hope is that others
will test this theory for themselves and
share it with those they love too.



These cute, shimmery journals are just in time for keeping track
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prevent over-stressing this holiday season!

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